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Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (1.25 or 2-Inch Receiver) Review



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The Allen Deluxe 3 Bike Hitch Mount Rack presents one of the safest options for the secure carriage of the bicycles. This rack completely relieves you from the hassles of rooftop mounts and piled bikes. This is a hitch mount type bike rack, and offers two options of 1.25 inch or 2 inch trailer hitch. The rack is extremely uncomplicated to use and provides perfect safety for as many as three bikes. These racks are equipped with a patented tie down system that is designed to cradle the bikes in the 16 inch long carry arms. There is another tie down strap to completely eliminate any movement of the bikes. The carry arms can be folded up completely when the system is not in use. The entire body of the rack is made up of steel with powder coated finish to ensure durability.

The product has been rated a whopping 4.5 stars by the users on The same site has ranked it 3rd amongst the bestselling products in the category of car sports racks.


The Negative Reviews

Everything in this beautiful world has its flaws, and so does the Allen Deluxe 3 Bike Hitch Mount Rack. The numbers were very few, but customers did have serious problem dealing with these flaws.

Some customers have complained that the bikes wobble violently when mounted on this rack. They have also stated that the anti wobble bolts were not of any use at all. However, this problem was reported only by the users using the 1.25 inch receiver. A few others have mentioned that the clamps that hold on to the straps are made of soft plastic, and may not last long enough. Customers also faced difficulty opening the trunk when the bike was attached because the rack sits very close.

The Positive Reviews

More than 95 % of the users have expressed their satisfaction about the performance of their new Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Rack. The most significant positive points that came up are mentioned below.

Customers have appreciated the build quality of the product. All the weld and the holes are done with perfect precision. Customers also like the folding of the carry arm because it eliminates the chances of someone running in to it accidentally. Many users have used this product for three items, and have commented that the system was able to hold on to the bikes steadily without any issues. The installation of the tool is very easy and it can also be folded without any problem. Customers also like the tilt feature that ensures trunk access.

We have asked almost customers about the wobbling problem. Barring a few, most of them have strongly denied having any such problem. The anti wobble bolts work perfectly to eliminate wobbling of the bikes.

The Conclusion

The Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Hitch Mount Rack is one of the most highly rated products in its own category. It provides great features and fantastic performance within an affordable price range. The negative reviews were taken to be insignificant because they were too few in number. This product is highly recommended for bike lovers who have more than one bike at home. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

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